Since the shutdown of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) in Niwot at the Child and Family Advocacy Center in 1999, there has been a need in this community for a local SANE Program for survivors of sexual violence. Thanks to the efforts of the Boulder County’s District Attorney’s office, notably Chief Tribal Deputy Katharina Booth and DA Stan Garnett, and the dedicated staff at Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder will perhaps once again have an accessible and local SANE Program for survivors.

Previously, survivors who wanted a SANE examination had to travel to St. Anthony’s in Broomfield. The added stress of having to travel for an examination may hurt a survivor, particularly a survivor who has been recently traumatized. Having a local program and staff designated specifically for serving the needs of survivors can help lessen the trauma and stress survivors feel during the process of the examination, possible building of a criminal case, and personal healing. MESA is thrilled and proud of the Boulder community and the DA’s office for taking the specific needs of survivors into consideration in its efforts to combat sexual violence within our community.

If successful, the program is slated to begin January 1st of 2015.

To read more on the background and history of bringing the SANE Program to Boulder County read this well-researched article in the Daily Camera found click here.