Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) has served the community since 1972 as the only sexual violence resource center serving Boulder County, Colorado.

MESA provides support and services to ALL survivors of sexual violence and does not discriminate against any person based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, education, geographic location, age, ability, language, national origin, culture, immigration status, politics, profession, religious beliefs and/or spirituality.

Our Mission

We believe that every person has the right to live free of sexual assault.

We are moving to end sexual assault and the suffering it causes in our community.

We challenge all forms of oppression and recognize their connection to sexual violence.

What is Sexual Violence?

What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence is intentional sexual contact with another person without that person’s consent.

Being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol is never an excuse for sexual misconduct in any form. It does not take away one’s responsibility to ask permission to touch someone.

What Can Sexual Violence Look Like?

Sexual violence can take many forms, some of which do not involve penetration. It can range from unwanted sexual contact over the clothes, like touching someone’s buttocks or fondling their breasts, to rape. Some forms of sexual violence do not even involve touch, such as peeping, stalking, and flashing.

Failure to stop sexual activity when someone asks for the behavior to stop is sexual assault.

MESA can walk with you step by step through your healing process.

An advocate is waiting for your call. Reach out today.

Hotline: 303.443.7300
Text BRAVE to 20121

Case Management Report

In 2018, MESA conducted a survey of their case management clients to better understand the individuals they serve, identify gaps in services, and inform improvements to service delivery. MESA’s case management services include support with navigating criminal and legal processes, as well as referrals to other resources, such as mental health providers, food banks, and other essential supports. Click on the image of the report to read more.


Janine D’Anniballe, Director (she/hers)

Janine D’Anniballe, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a nationally recognized expert in sexual assault and traumatic stress, and treatment for survivors.  A native of Ohio, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton and her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Tennessee.  Dr. D’Anniballe currently serves as the Director of Trauma Services at Mental Health Partners in Lafayette, Colorado.  She also has been the Director of Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), the sexual violence resource center serving Boulder County, Colorado for the last 23 years.

Lindsey Breslin, Special Projects Manager (she/hers)

Lindsey Breslin, LCSW has over 25 years of experience in the social work field, providing direct service in the areas of gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS prevention, anti-human trafficking, suicide prevention and crisis work.  Lindsey is passionate about providing the best services possible to survivors of sexual violence and working towards ending sexual assault in our community.

Gabe Belzer, Client Services Supervisor (they/theirs)

My name is Gabe Belzer, I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns. I am a Southern California native who moved to Colorado in August of 2021, after completing my bachelor’s in Sociology at the University of California Santa Barbara, and my master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California. I’m a passionate mental health and social justice advocate, and I’ve worked in a variety of spaces dedicated to uplifting the most vulnerable of our communities. Some of those experiences include working in medical case management, elementary-school based counseling, and non-profits dedicated to closing the education and employment gap for low-income students, utilizing artistic creation to destigmatize mental illness, providing peer counseling for youth in crisis, and three years of advocacy on a sexual assault response hotline. I am thrilled to be back in the field working to support survivors of sexual violence and to be in a space that is dedicated to the mental wellness of our community.

Brian Heider, Development and Marketing Manager (he/his)

Brian Heider has over 29 years of experience in the nonprofit sector working locally, regionally and nationally for childrens, healthcare, domestic violence, homeless, education, veteran, and animal organizations. In this role, he advocates for a culture of philanthropy in Boulder County by engaging the community, building relationships, and aligning MESA’s mission with the goal of revenue generation to supply sexual violence programs and services to anyone who may need them. Brian does this by leading MESA’s major gifts, annual fund, events, grants and sponsorship initiatives while overseeing all marketing and communications. Brian was born on the east coast but has called Colorado home for the last 33 years. When he is not working he can be found cooking, attending Colorado art festivals or dining with friends and colleagues in the Colorado food scene.

Erin Devitt, Events and Communications Coordinator (she/hers)

Erin Devitt is passionate about empowering individuals and improving the health of our culture. She creates event experiences, writing, and other content with the intent to educate on the roots of individual and societal dysfunction, uplift marginalized identities, and build community that co-creates change together. With a background in International Relations, psychology, and environmental justice, she brings an intersectional approach to her social justice work, seeking to address issues holistically. She is thrilled to be dedicating her skills and passion to her role at MESA, with a goal to assist in reversing rape culture and replace it with a community that values respect for oneself, nature, and all living beings. Outside of her role she continues this work through producing and performing intentional music.

Dana Rae Vaughn, Program Services Manager (she/hers)

Dana Rae Vaughn, Ph.D., began her career as a teacher and teacher trainer serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi. Following her four years with Peace Corps, she remained in Malawi for three more years working as the Education Coordinator at Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Dana Rae returned to the United States to attend The Mandel School at Case Western Reserve University, where she earned a Master’s in Social Science Administration. Following her master’s degree, Dana Rae worked in prevention education and victim advocacy services at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the University of Denver. Dana Rae recently completed a doctorate in Interpersonal and Family Communication from the University of Denver, where her research focused on family secrets and privacy management. Dana Rae is committed to public service and recently participated as a Virtual Peace Corps Participant in Armenia and Botswana. When she is not at work, Dana Rae enjoys photographing birds, writing letters to her pen pals, and playing with her cats.

Hannah Adams, Prevention Education and Training Coordinator (she/hers)

Hannah Adams has a background in Public Education and is excited to be a part of the MESA team. A native Midwesterner, Hannah got her bachelor’s degree in Education at Iowa State. In college, she worked hard to help educate her community on sexual violence awareness and through this she found a passion for social justice advocacy. Hannah then moved to Phoenix, AZ after college to become a public-school teacher and continued her advocacy through her local teacher association by becoming the Political Action Chair. Through her association work, Hannah realized that advocacy and nonprofit work is what she wanted to do full-time. She then moved to Colorado, joined the MESA team, and is ready to continue the work for safer communities through prevention education. When Hannah isn’t at work, she can be found going on walks with her dog Spuds, attending concerts, or spending time with friends

Christina Boykin, Executive Assistant and Operations Coordinator (she/hers)

Christina Boykin brings a highly versatile skill set earned over two decades of working across such diverse industries as executive support, legal assisting, fine arts and arts administration, K-12 education, and the development of non-profits and start-ups. With an emphasis on process improvement and project management, Christina can turn raw business chaos into beautiful orderly systems. MESA’s mission aligns perfectly to her personal values and she is especially passionate about women’s issues, intersectional feminism, and the impact of childhood trauma on adult function. Born in Maryland and raised in Florida, Christina has previously co-hosted a late night talk show in Jacksonville, served as Vice President and Media Director for the Longmont Artists’ Guild, painted large-scale murals across the Front Range, and creates fine art portraits in oil professionally.

Fievel the Facility Dog

Fievel received his advanced training from Canine Companions for Independence and is expertly trained to work in a professional setting. He knows over 40 commands that allow him to interact with clients and staff in a gentle and loving way. In his free time he enjoys long walks, being in his backyard chasing squirrels, and playing with his dog sister Roo and two cat brothers Nemo Michael Phelps and Felix. Follow his work and play on his Instagram page: @fievelthefacilitydog