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Moving to End Sexual Assault
1455 Dixon Ave. Suite 210
Lafayette, CO 80026

Your secure, tax-deductible contribution to Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) will support:


$25 supports a phone call or text to our hotline providing survivors of sexual violence the immediate resources, referrals for counseling, and medical care that they need.


$50 pays for the participation of one student in a workshop about healthy relationships at a local public high school.


$75 pays for the training of one MESA advocate that will meet survivors at the hospital, and offer support during medical exams and police reports.


$100 provides group therapy for a survivor of sexual violence. Processing this healing in a group setting allows survivors to know they are not alone.


$175 provides one training session on sexual harassment prevention at a local organization.


$250 pays for the formation and ongoing activities of middle and high school social justice clubs.


$500 covers the costs related to MESA’s 10-week trauma-informed yoga series, where participants heal through movement and breathing.


$1000 pays for the training of new Men Standing Up volunteers, who work with young men to foster healthy masculinity.

$ More

MESA is the only sexual violence resource center serving all of Boulder County. To support our mission and keep MESA active in the community, donate today!

Purchase a heart to honor a survivor of sexual assault. The hearts are hand-painted by Kristin Sheldon, long-time MESA supporter and owner of the renowned Heartstrings Card Company in Boulder. A name can be painted over the heart if you choose. Hearts will be displayed in the MESA office as a symbol of strength and support for survivors everywhere. A portion of your tax-deductible gift will fund services for survivors and community-based prevention education.

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