Trauma-informed Yoga Classes

Trauma-informed yoga describes an approach to the practice that addresses the specific needs and symptoms of trauma survivors.

Trauma-informed yoga (TIY) is different from traditional yoga because the instructor is trained to modify poses and language so you can connect with your body and emotions in a safe space while healing from trauma.

Yes. Classes are designed to be accessible to all body types and skill levels.

Yes. Classes are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities or those practicing around injury or medical conditions. You are strongly encouraged to consult with a physician before beginning any yoga practice. Poses can be modified to accommodate your specific condition, and chairs are available as well if needed. Please email [email protected] to request any accommodation needed.

You are encouraged to shape your individual yoga practice in whatever pace and methods feel comfortable – for example, you may choose to sit in a chair, opt out of certain poses, or leave the room at any time for any reason.

Usually, yes. Most classes are offered in hybrid format, meaning both virtually and in-person. When available, the virtual attendance option allows you to attend from the comfort and safety of your own home.

No. It is essential that everyone feels safe so only the instructor is visible and audible when you participate virtually and no one attending in-person can see or hear you. When connecting to the class online, your mic and camera will be turned off by default. You have the option to turn them on if you wish but no one will be able to see or hear you unless you choose.

No but attendance to all offered classes in a series is strongly encouraged because seeing the same people each week creates an additional layer of safety and familiarity. Additionally, each class in the series builds on the one before so the knowledge gained is cumulative. The fee covers all the classes in a series, even if you don’t attend all dates. If attending all class dates in a series presents hardship, please email [email protected] for available options.

Fievel the Facility Dog works with the Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) and Moving Beyond Trauma (MBT) teams at Mental Health Partners. He is expertly trained to work in a professional setting so he is not only friendly and fun, he is also very sweet and gentle. Fievel was specially bred and trained by Canine Companions for Independence. He joined Mental Health Partners in 2018. He knows over 40 commands that allow him to interact with clients in a calm and loving way. He may attend some yoga classes to offer comfort to any participants who need extra support if difficult emotions arise during class. If you would prefer Fievel not attend, please email [email protected].

The Heart-Centered Yoga Studio is a large, light-filled space with a view of the Rocky Mountains built specifically for trauma-informed yoga instruction. The studio is situated in the same suite as Moving Beyond Trauma and Moving to End Sexual Assault, two programs of Mental Health Partners that focus on helping clients heal from trauma. The staff is trained in trauma-informed care to ensure everyone experiences a safe and welcoming environment.

You can expect:

  • To sign a waiver before participating.
  • Virtual participants will receive the meeting link the day of the class, along with the links to the pre- and post-class reflection surveys and help for technical troubleshooting is available in the chat or by emailing [email protected].
  • To arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to settle in and, for virtual participants, to ensure the connection is working correctly.
  • Mats and yoga props are available to in-person participants.
  • To complete a pre- and post-class reflection survey about your physical and emotional states to better understand how trauma-informed yoga is affecting you.
  • To follow the instructor’s cues throughout the class, modifying poses as needed.
  • To stay after class for extra support, if needed.

The team is ready to help. You can email [email protected] or call the office at 303-443-0400.

Information About the Next Series:

The Trauma-Informed Yoga Class Series is currently on hiatus.

To be contacted when the next series is scheduled, please email us at [email protected].

Try our Inner Phoenix yoga video series while we organize the next class series. The videos are 8-26 minutes long offering a gentle flow for all skill levels including chair yoga, bed yoga, and breath yoga. No experience necessary! Learn more here.

Fievel the Facility Dog in the Heart-Centered Yoga Studio

Participants are asked to complete a 1-minute questionnaire before and after the class to capture self-reflections on how the body and nervous system feel. These reflection surveys provided the data in this infographic.