New Podcast, «Sex: By Invitation Only»

We’re excited to tell you about a new podcast coming your way, “Sex: By Invitation Only,» hosted by Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) in Boulder County, Colorado. Check out the trailer below!

Music: California (Prelude) by Chris Pureka

We knew we had to add our voices to what was happening in our country based on all of the high profile cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault that hit the headlines in 2018, and has continued in 2019.

September 27, 2018:  Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford provided her testimony against then candidate for the Supreme Court, Justice Bret Kavanaugh. At MESA we experienced our highest call volume in our 46 year history. In between answering crisis calls, we stayed glued to our computers watching her testimony, witnessing a courageous woman tell a story all too familiar to us and so many of our clients. People could relate to her words, because they sounded like those of our clients own. We saw the fear and sadness as she recounted a night that she has never forgotten and the lingering consequences from that trauma.

Our call volume continued to remain high over the coming weeks as we watched the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh move ahead. We then heard the President state it was a very scary time for young men. Over the past few months, friends told us they now feared for their son’s actions, and even community members in our presentations asked us, “is it a hard time for men? “ And our Podcast was born.

Join us on February 1st as we launch our first 5 week series, «Sex: By Invitation Only». Oh, and what’s the name of this first 5 week series? You guessed it, “It’s a rough time for men?”