Welcome to Inner Phoenix, a series of short, trauma-informed yoga practice videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unifies mind and body (as trauma creates a split between mind and body)

  • Yoga helps control emotions by:
    • Connecting with breath
    • Increasing body awareness
    • Being present
  • Yoga helps balance the nervous system to reduce the fight, flight or freeze
  • Yoga helps improve mood by increasing endorphins in the brain; anxiety and
    depression may decrease

Some benefits of the Inner Phoenix practice can include:

  • feeling more calm
  • feeling less tension in the body
  • feeling physically stronger
  • feeling more centered
  • ability to concentrate and focus
  • improved sleep

Inner Phoenix is for every level of experience, every body type, and every person

  • no need for prior yoga experience
  • no need to be flexible
  • no special clothes are needed; just clothes that are comfortable that you can move freely in

Inner Phoenix practices:

  • move at a slower pace
  • present variations and choices for different bodies
  • allow people chose what feels like the best option for them
  • are 10-15 minutes in length

The current Inner Phoenix offerings are:

  1. Unwinding Tension (chair yoga practice)
  2. Grounding
  3. Moving Through Sensation
  4. Strong and Empowered
  5. Lifting Energy
  6. Connecting to Inner Strength