Welcome to Inner Phoenix, a series of short, trauma-informed yoga practice videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unifies mind and body (as trauma creates a split between mind and body)

  • Yoga helps control emotions by:
    • Connecting with breath
    • Increasing body awareness
    • Being present
  • Yoga helps balance the nervous system to reduce the fight, flight or freeze
  • Yoga helps improve mood by increasing endorphins in the brain; anxiety and
    depression may decrease

Some benefits of the Inner Phoenix practice can include:

  • feeling more calm
  • feeling less tension in the body
  • feeling physically stronger
  • feeling more centered
  • ability to concentrate and focus
  • improved sleep

Inner Phoenix is for every level of experience, every body type, and every person

  • no need for prior yoga experience
  • no need to be flexible
  • no special clothes are needed; just clothes that are comfortable that you can move freely in

Inner Phoenix practices:

  • move at a slower pace
  • present variations and choices for different bodies
  • allow people chose what feels like the best option for them
  • are 10-15 minutes in length


Dr. Janine D’Anniballe is a licensed psychologist and a registered trauma-informed yoga teacher. Dr. D’Anniballe is a nationally recognized expert in sexual assault, neurobiology of trauma, secondary traumatic stress, and treatment for survivors. Through her private consulting and training practice, Dr. D’Anniballe has provided guidance on trauma issues to support various members of the community, including prosecutors, law enforcement officers, military personnel, child welfare workers, and university staff. She received her yoga training from Soul Tree Yoga Hub in 2013.

Dr. D’Anniballe brings her knowledge and trauma-informed perspective to her yoga classes, with an intention to help others cultivate awareness and connection with their body, mind, and emotions. Everyone that participates is welcomed with unconditional acceptance for whatever yoga and life experiences they bring to the mat that day. When not serving as Director of Trauma Services Care at Mental Health Partners and teaching yoga, Dr. D’Anniballe loves to garden, hike, bike, and share quality time with her menagerie of animals.