AcuDetox is a community-style auricular acupuncture clinic offering a gentle treatment designed to reduce stress and instill calm.

AcuDetox clinics for 2023 have ended. The 2024 AcuDetox clinic calendar is being scheduled now. If you are interested in being contacted when the new dates are available, click the button below.

This treatment consists of five points in each ear and is complementary in treating trauma, substance abuse and addiction, stress, and other mental health conditions.

The five points are:

  • Sympathetic (calms the nervous system)
  • Shen Men (grounds and calms the spirit)
  • Kidney (processes fear, builds willpower)
  • Liver (processes anger, instills hope)
  • Lung(processes grief, instills inspiration)
About Your Acupuncturist

Meghan Stockdale is a licensed acupuncturist, master of classical five-element acupuncture, and has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years.

  • Licensed Acupuncturist, State of Colorado, # 0002727

  • Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)®

  • Master of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the public are welcome. Choose your date and register here.

To prepare for your session, please plan to eat a nourishing meal beforehand. Eating in advance is important as it takes energy to move energy.

Also, please avoid wearing any scented products to your session, such as oils or lotions.

The five elements are rooted in nature and comprise all living things. Disharmonies in the five elements occur at birth or shortly after birth. Classical Five Element Acupuncture helps to create balance and harmony in the five elements. Here is brief description of the elements and some of their correspondences:


Wood is the element of spring, affecting the liver, gall bladder, tissues, muscle, nails, eyes, sight, and tears. Corresponding emotions are impatience, anger, control and hope. It is also our ability to envision a future for ourselves and move towards it with both perseverance and flexibility.


Fire is the summer element, affecting the heart, small intestines, blood vessels, complexion and sweat, tongue and speech. Corresponding emotions are joy, lack of joy, laughing, talking, aspiration and anxiety. It is also our ability to connect with others, and have healthy relationships.


Earth is the element of late summer, affecting the spleen, pancreas, stomach, flesh, breast, lips, mouth, and taste. It corresponds to the intellect, and emotions of worry, suspicion, and feeling a sense of lack. It is also related to our ability to nourish ourselves and receive late summers harvest.


Metal is the autumn element, affecting the lungs, large intestine, skin and body hair, breath, nose, and sense of smell. It corresponds to depression and grief. It is related to our inspiration and our values.


Water is the winter element, affecting the kidneys, bladder, and urine, bones, hair (on the head), ears and hearing. It corresponds to emotions such as insecurity and fear. It can also be our physical strength and ambition.

Meghan has such a great way with people. Going in for a treatment with her is such a gift. She creates such a safe and unconditionally loving space to be able to relax in, be vulnerable in and drop into. The treatments are gentle and effective. After I leave I feel renewed and restored. I highly recommend her!


I love my time with Meghan! I feel she really understands me and what I am needing, even if I don’t have the words to completely express myself! Highly recommend to anyone with anxiety, I always feel so much calmer and grounded after a session!

— Meg O

I see Meghan for regular maintenance and her treatments help me stay balanced and aligned in a physically demanding job. Meghan always leaves me feeling astoundingly better physically and much improved spiritually and emotionally.

— Todd

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