Peers Building Justice (PBJ)


Peers Building Justice (PBJ) is a youth group. They explore how dating and sexual violence are sustained by power and control in our communities.

PBJ aims to (1) develop community awareness of social-justice issues, (2) inspire arts-based events and projects to end oppression, (3) build youth power, and (4) create transformative discussions in classrooms, courtrooms, and everywhere in between.

PBJ Youth Organizers

Youth Organizers are high school students interested in challenging the cultural norms that promote and encourage dating  and sexual violence. They work to raise awareness about interpersonal violence and oppression in their schools and their communities through a variety of events and initiatives.

PBJ Youth Organizers complete a Training Institute to learn about interpersonal violence and develop skills to plan events, use social media effectively, and create art to raise awareness. Youth Organizers meet twice a month and commit to participating in PBJ for a full school year. Click here to apply. 

PBJ Adult Mentors

Adult Mentors gain experience in positive youth development, public speaking, and community organizing. They provide vital support to the Peers Building Justice program.

All Adult Mentors must complete SPAN’s 44-hour paraprofessional training. We offer our Anti-Violence Volunteer training three times annually; February, June and October.  In this training, you will learn about social justice issues, the dynamics of abuse, and how to provide non-judgmental support while using your time to advance positive social change…and you yourself may change in the process!  Become a part of the solution as we work together to end all forms of violence.

We are looking for volunteers who believe in the possibility of a more just and safe world for all people. You also must believe in the power of youth to create that future.

Adult Mentor Primary Responsibilities:

  • Presenting and co-presenting an 8-session sexual violence, harassment and relationship abuse curriculum for middle and high school students throughout BVSD.
  • Developing supportive mentoring relationships with youth Campus Organizers in the after school Training Institute.
  • Helping to prepare youth for community projects, teen events, and individual creative expression.
  • Developing educational and promotional material in alignment with PBJ’s mission.


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