MESA Hotline Volunteer Training Dates Announced

Training Dates Announced:

MESA’s Hotline volunteer training will be held February 23rd through March 22nd. MESA needs you! Gain skills and experience while moving to end sexual assault. Click HERE to apply today!

Recruitment Spring 2017

One comment on “MESA Hotline Volunteer Training Dates Announced

  1. Hi. i met Camilo Casas today, and he referred me to the volunteer training program. I see the dates are 2/23-3/22. I’ll be out of town for 10 days straight, thereby missing 2 Mondays, and 1 Wednesday, if I were enrolled in the training. Are there opportunities for make-up classwork? Or would I need to revisit this once the next training schedule is announced?

    Also, could you provide times and location for the training sessions? Thank you!

    Jeff Stewart

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