What Is Consent

heartConsent is a choice in which an individual agrees by free will to engage in sexual acts. Because a person is in a current relationship or had previously been in a relationship does not mean that person automatically consents to sexual activity. Consent and submission are not the same. Because someone may submit to a sex act does NOT mean that consent was given. If someone was sexually assaulted and did not fight during the assault, that does not mean the person gave consent.

Consent cannot be given if:

  • An individual is asleep
  • An individual is intoxicated or drugged (on legal or illegal substances)
  • An individual is unconscious
  • An individual is not of the age of consent
  • An individual is unable to communicate
  • A person is threatened either verbally, in writing, or physically
  • A person is physically forced to engage in an act
  • A person is intimidated in to engaging in an act
  • A person is cognitively impaired

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