Support Groups

MESA Mountaineers

MESA Mountaineers is a group of hikers, chiefly for trauma survivors and their loved ones. Nature is a proven stress reliever, and allows for greap opportunities for healing. We welcome people of all genders, cultures and languages!

MESA Mountaineers will hike the first Sunday of every month, starting June 3rd.

***Check back to this website for the upcoming meet-up location information***

Facilitated by Holly Brettell, MESA Intern  |  Contact: MESA Office: 303-443-0400

Trauma-Informed Yoga

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Traumatic stress manifests in the body and mind. Yoga and mindfulness practices can be used as a tool to manage stress and facilitate healing. 

Trauma informed yoga classes will run from June 5th to August 7th on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30pm.

Meets at Bodywork Bistro, 3825 Iris Avenue Suite 300 in Boulder.

Facilitated by Rachel Stroud  |  Contact: Natalie 303-443-0400