Sexual Abuse Counseling Groups

About Therapy Groups

MESA offers a variety of group therapy services including groups for primary survivors, secondary survivors, teens, and mono-lingual Spanish Speakers. Group therapy has been proven to be an extremely effective method of healing and recovering from trauma. The isolation a survivor feels after an assault can be alleviated in the group setting and clients can learn to reclaim their power in speaking about their experience, naming their feelings, and hearing about the experiences of other members. Group therapy offers validation and support from other survivors, connection with others who can offer feedback and coping skills, psychoeducation, recognition of PTSD symptoms, meditation and breath work, a sense of community, and a strengths based approach.

Groups have different duration depending on the topics and the curriculum they need to cover. All groups require a screen assessment before joining. To do the assessment, talk to the therapist at MESA to set an appointment (303-443-0400 * 101)
or email

  • Secondary Survivors Workshop
  • The Healing Journey: Group for Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse
  • Males Primary Survivor Support Group (English
  • Wild at Heart (equine therapy group)
  • Trauma-informed Yoga Group
  • Mindfulness Group for Teens and Young Adults
  • MESA Milers Running/Walking and Cycling Group
  • Primary Survivor Support Workshop (Spanish)
Secondary Survivors Workshop

Secondary Survivors Group

Having a close relationship with a person who has been sexually abused can have an emotional, physical, social and spiritual impact on your well-being. This workshop will explore sexual assault myths and realities, explore and understand the responses of a sexual assault survivor and learn skills to support your loved ones while empowering your own needs and feelings.
Who it helps: secondary victims of sexual assault
When: July 22nd, July 29th, August 5th & August 12th from 5:30 pm to 7 pm at MESA’s office – 2336 Canyon Blvd. Suite 103, Boulder, CO 80302
Facilitator: Laia Jorba, MA, R-DMT, PhD
Cost: Sliding scale based on income (standard fee $35 per session)
Contact office for details on next date and time.
For more information call 303-443-0400 or email

Childhood Survivors Group Flyer 2015cropped
The Healing Journey:  Group for Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse

This 16 week group will cover:
• How the nervous system is affected by trauma
• Psychological effects of sexual abuse
• Strengthening self-care and resources
This group would benefit self-identified women that want to strengthen their relationships, understand how sexual trauma has affected their self-worth, work life and sexuality, and are ready to deep healing work in an atmosphere with other survivors
Who it helps:  Self-identified female survivors of sexual assault and abuse
When:  As soon as it fills up (16 weeks). 6:30-8:30 pm (day of the week TBD)
Where: 3008 Folsom Street, Boulder, CO 80304 (HoloBeing Wellness Center)
Facilitator: MESA therapist
Cost: $45 per session (2 hours), sliding scale available
For more information call 303-443-0400 or email

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Males Primary Survivor Support Group (English)

Shifting History is a unique art psychotherapy group designed for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or adult sexual assault.  Histories such as these often leave you feeling as though our entire lives have shifted.  It is true that your history is important, however it does not define your potential.  The group’s intent is to create safety, break isolation, promote healing, gain insight through art and conversation, and build trust within a community of men.
Who it helps: Self-identified male survivors of sexual assault
When: Fall of 2015; Mondays from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm (7 sessions)
Where: 1800 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301
Facilitator: Daniel Blausey, MA ATR-BC (720-390-0466;
Cost: $25-$60 sliding scale

Wild at Heart Equine Therapy
Wild at Heart (equine therapy group)

What it is: The extraordinary sensitivity of horses, their unique and powerful response to women and capacity to facilitate healing will be experience in this equine assisted therapy group. This partnership inspires and challenges the work of women in recovery to regain mastery and confidence in their own lives.
Who it helps: this group is designed for self-identified females who are primary survivors of sexual assault (options for teens and adults)
When: Starting September 5th until October 31 (8 weeks); October 3 there will be no group.Saturdays from 10am to 12pm
Where/Cost: Longmont; $35 each session of 2 hours
Facilitator: Jackie Ashley, MA, LPC, BC-DMT (720-308-2728;
No experience required.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Classes Cropped
Trauma-informed Yoga Group

This yoga informed group is a confidential and safe space to get in touch with your own body, engage the parasympathetic nervous system in healing, synchronize breath and body, and release body tension and stress.
Who it helps: designed for primary and secondary survivors of sexual assault. For all level practitioners and even non-practitioners.
When: Tuesdays from 5.30 to 6.45 pm (8 weeks), Starting September 1, 2015. This is a drop-in class.
Where: Community Dance Collective, 2020B 21st Street, Boulder, CO 80302 (On the south side of the Spruce Swimming Pool.)
Facilitator: Janine D’Anniballe, PhD (contact Laia at 303-443-0400;
Cost: $5-$15 per session

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Mindfulness Group for Teens and Young Adults

This group is a unique opportunity for adolescent self-identified girls to play, explore and move their bodies and be their most authentic selves within a safe context among a supportive community. Each group meeting provides education on relevant issues for teenage girls with a guided movement experience. Educational themes include nutritional care, beauty and body image, balance use of technology, emotional regulation, communication and healthy relationships and the impact of sexual assault in these topics and the recovery of trauma.
Who it helps: Teens and young adults (16-22 years old) that had been experiencing trauma and emotional distress
When: Six consecutive weeks (evenings from 4:30 – 6:30 pm). Next group will be in the Fall 2015
Where: Hope Church. 4705 West Baseline Rd. Boulder
Facilitator: Alicia Patterson, MA (720-279-4781;
Cost: $25 per group (payment options available)

MESA Milers Cropped2
MESA Milers Running/Walking Group

Running and other outdoor activities help to connect the person to their bodies, as well as increase the sense of competency and calm. There will be short a time at the end of each group to talk about body image, health and trauma in the body while stretching!
Who it helps: This group is for primary and secondary survivors that like to exercise (beginners and intermediate levels)
When: Meeting weekly
Facilitator: Katy Wiley (937-572-2047;
Cost: no cost

MESA Milers Cropped
MESA Milers Cycling for Fun

MESA’s Cycle for Fun program is a great way for trauma survivors and allies to meet others in our community, have fun, and get some exercise in a safe and inclusive environment.  We will meet once a month for a mellow road bike ride in the Boulder area with an option to hang out after the bike ride for food and social time.
Who it helps: This group is for primary and secondary survivors that like to exercise (beginners to intermediate 15-20 miles)
When: Saturdays, August 15 and September 19; 9:45 am
Meeting point: Hygiene, CO (Mary’s Cafe)
Facilitator:  Shara Howie (720-240-3436;
Cost:  No Cost

Hispanic Support Group Flyer 2015 cropped
Primary Survivor Support Group (Spanish)

This group explores the impacts of sexual assault in the client, their family, partners and friends. Unwanted sexual experiences can affect the emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being of the individual. The group provides mindfulness and regulation skills to deal with physical and emotional symptoms, education to understand the healing process and tools to empower the client to reconnect with their power and sense of self.
Who it helps: self-identified female survivors of sexual assault
When: Fall 2015
Facilitator: Laia Jorba, MA, R-DMT, PhD (303-443-0400;
Cost: sliding scale

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