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MESA Counseling Philosophy

butterfly free counseling servicesMoving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) serving Boulder and Broomfield Counties is committed to end the suffering in our community caused by sexual assault. In order to gradually accomplish this mission, MESA focuses on a broader perspective that highlights the systemic factors of sexual assault. Healing from sexual assault needs to incorporate an understanding of oppressive dynamics, as well as to address the impacts that suffering violence has at the systemic, interpersonal and personal level.

Our clients come to us seeking care on a variety of issues related to sexual assault. These issues can include: post-traumatic stress symptoms such as nightmares or anxiety, inability to focus or be in the present, somatic pain, sleep difficulties, isolation, and separation from the body. Other issues may include: concern about eating habits, use of drugs and alcohol to numb the effects of trauma, and interpersonal difficulties.

Our client sliding scale counseling services model is integrated and looks at the “whole” person. We hope to empower survivors toward greater health and healing by providing options and education around physical and emotional well-being. One of MESA’s values is that each individual holds the power and right to determine their own experience throughout the healing process. We recognize that survivors express trauma in many different ways and support survivors in making their own choices while still making recommendations for safety, justice, and healing. MESA Case managers work simultaneously with the MESA therapist and client on client identified problems, trauma symptoms, and increasing overall wellness.

Counseling Services

MESA’s Individual Therapy Services

MESA offers therapy services for both primary and secondary survivors of sexual assault. Clients are seen for up to twelve sessions on a sliding fee scale based on income and family size ($5-$35). MESA believes that healing is possible for all survivors of sexual assault. We use a strength-based approach and believe our work is to help survivors see and experienced their inherent wholeness and health. The mind, body, and spirit of individuals’ clients are all vital in the recovery process. A three-phase model of treatment is utilized: a) Building the Resources and Grounding (Safety); b) Processing the trauma in the body; and c) Integration and moving forward.

MESA’s counseling approach is based in the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Seeking Safety models, as well as includes body centered approaches in the treatment of trauma and sexual assault. This combination of modalities allows the client to experience a reduction of symptoms, and increase their functionality in life, and eventually overcome trauma and consequences of the sexual assault. If the client has not finished their process within this treatment period, appropriate referrals can be made to other professionals in the community.

To sign up for therapy services, contact the therapist at MESA at 303-443-0400. MESA will contact the person within 72 hours for a brief phone screening to determine if MESA is a good fit and set a first appointment. The first appointment is called Intake, where an assessment on symptoms is conducted and client sets goals for therapy. This first session is also designed to obtain relevant background information and family history, and to identify the specific concerns that led you to seek counseling. At the conclusion of the Intake, the counselor will discuss appropriate resources and any other recommendations for assisting you in resolving your concerns. Recommendations may include referrals to workshops, group counseling, psychiatric consultation, or to other relevant services in the area.

If there is a waiting list and the client wants to start counseling immediately, the therapist at MESA will provide the person with appropriate referrals.

MESA’s Group Therapy Services

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