Prevention Education

joyMESA believes strongly that we must work to prevent sexual violence before it occurs. As a result, we offer a variety of sexual violence prevention programs to meet the needs of different populations.

  • The Men Standing Up Program – While most men are against sexual violence, the lack of male engagement in ending sexual assault reflects the need for education and mobilization that specifically caters to men. MESA’s Men Standing Up (MSU) Program frames sexual violence prevention as a men’s issue. Through events, workshops, and trainings, MSU informs, enlists, and empowers men in our community to become agents in the movement to end sexual assault.
  • Elder Abuse Prevention is aimed at preventing domestic and sexual abuse later in life. Both of these crimes are drastically under-reported, yet people become highly vulnerable to such abuse as they age. By raising awareness about the issue, MESA strives to prevent such abuse by educating both elder care professionals and older citizens.
  • Peers Building Justice (PBJ) – PBJ is a youth-led program working to promote social justice and prevent sexual and intimate partner violence in our communities through:
    1. Education: we offer a variety of presentations for youth and adults including an evidence based violence prevention curriculum for middle and high school students.
    2. Youth Leadership: our after school youth group uses arts based projects to promote social justice and resist violence in our communities.
    3. Societal change: our Action Research Internship for high school students focuses on creating lasting change in Boulder County beginning with an examination of policies and practices.
  • Community Education is available for teens through adults residing or working in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Topics include sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual harassment in the workplace, trauma informed youthwork/ teaching, healthy relationships, responding to survivors, MESA services, and other topics related to understanding or preventing sexual violence.

If you are interested in any of the above programs or would like a presentation at your school, business, organization or place of worship please contact the Prevention Education Team via email or by phone at 303-443-0400. 

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