Welcome to Moving to End Sexual Assault

Since 1972, Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), a program of Mental Health Partners, continues to serve the community as the only rape crisis center in Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Our Mission:
We believe that every person has the right to live free of sexual assault.
We are moving to end sexual assault and the suffering it causes in our community.
We challenge all forms of oppression and recognize their connection to sexual violence.

We advance our mission through:
Client Services and Victim Advocacy
We support the healing process for survivors of sexual assault through our 24-hour hotline, in-person support, victim advocacy, and specialized support groups. All of MESA’s client services are offered in Spanish and English.

Prevention Education
MESA’s prevention programs focus on shifting the culture that condones, normalizes and excuses sexual assault to one that is safe and free of all forms of sexual violence. We deliver programs of education, prevention, and bystander intervention in our schools, local agencies and businesses to increase awareness and reduce the occurrence of sexual assault.

Community Advocacy
In the spirit of social justice and healing, MESA is dedicated to increasing public awareness of sexual violence and its destructive impact on our community through activism. We call for change within our societal attitudes and responses to rape and sexual assault so that sexual violence is no longer tolerated.

If you are seeking information about therapy services, please visit Mental Health Partners.





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